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What is "A Makeover to Takeover"?

What is "A Makeover to Takeover"?

A Makeover To Takeover
It is NOT just another “career” book.

It is NOT a random book about Career - though it will help you get a lot more job based strategies from the Lessons you currently can't  get.

It is NOT a book about desperate Job Seeking - though it will help you choose jobs while you don't have any clue.

This is NOT a book about job searching - though it will help you get some of the jobs you are searching right now 
A Makeover To Takeover

"A Makeover To Takeover" is a Journey

That Contains Two Books, 2 Huge Bonuses, More Than 40 Videos, Six Steps, And Will Help You Take Over The Reins Of Your Professional Life In A Few Weeks.

Hey you, are you ready to take over the reins of your own life? Get that dream job you deserve, or the promotion you aimed for?

It is no secret that getting your dream job or a promotion, requires an ability to know how to introduce yourself, be able to explain your value-added and create the opportunity to do so .

What if I can tell you that you can change your current situation in a few weeks?

FOLLOWING 6 EASY STEPS YOU can prepare yourself to show how wonderful you are at the point of being hirable and desirable – it will leverage into earnings. Social media can help...

You Will Be Hireable (Get The Job) And Desirable (Boost Your Career)… Following The Secrets Of The Book "A Makeover To Takeover.

If You Already Have A Wonderful Job, “A Makeover To Takeover” Will Show You How To Continue To Boost Your Career.

So, You’re Looking For Ways To Boost Your Career?

You know that...

Having a vision of your ideal work = increased capacity on getting it.
Getting the job of your dreams = Earnings.

Getting what you believe you deserve = Happiness.

Doing what you want and being paid for it = DREAM JOB.

So GO and Get it. YOU DESERVE IT!

In the U.S., 65% of employees are satisfied with their jobs, with 20% passionate about their jobs.

What if YOU can be in that 20% who are happy in their job, in the job they deserve, within the next weeks?

What if YOU can increase your Happiness, and why not, your earnings by getting the job you deserve? 

Even if nobody knows who you are, what are your talents right now?
Hi, my name is Dr. Morote, and I am here to show you that it is possible….

After advising thousands of people who right now are happy on their dream positions…. I taught to current social agencies executives, superintendents, college presidents, and hospital CEOs.

I know several secrets, plus I have two masters’ degrees and two doctoral degrees; I am an American Top list of professors and a higher education executive…I LOVE MY JOB. I want everybody to love THEIRS also.

I learned that to be a top professor, I have to ensure my students' happiness – by being HIREABLE AND DESIRABLE in the job market. 
The position that makes you happy is …. the position that satisfies your dream…the one you want to pursue and get. 

Surprisingly, getting what you want in life, has NOTHING to do with being “well-connected” or having that “family friend”. 

Statistics show that usually, that family friend helps you to get a less suitable job!

Now, that’s a bit of shock for you …. but think about it…they are helping you find a job…not THE job of your dreams…

I will provide you with a better way to get what you want

In my 20 plus years in education…. I figure out the ultimate way to assure my students to reach their goals!

Thankfully, I have extensive experience in Getting what I want!

 It Is Not True That “People Treat You As They See You” What Is True Is “people Treat You How They See You Treat Yourself."

Now the big question is:

How much do you value yourself?

How do you want to show the world who you are?

What aspects of your personality and skills do you want people to know and why?

After taking myself up the career ladder, being where I want to be in three countries, and getting degrees from four countries… I learned that surprisingly much of it has NOTHING to do with being in the privileged group or having a connected family….

I emigrated each time with nothing in my pocket - only with my inner desire to be happy on a great job…During that time, I documented my journey

I asked myself, why some people are successful in getting what they want… and why some people are always unsatisfied with their lives ….?

The doors were opening from me in each new country, speaking with a heavy accent, being introverted, and having absolutely no contacts or even family in each new country to support me…

Yes, it was painful and scary… I asked myself should I take any job?.. 

I mean I needed to survive, right? 

I did not have the luxury of waiting for my dream job. I had no cushion, no place to run if things didn’t work out… 

But remember, “People treat you how they see you treat yourself”…. 

Talking about being careful about taking risks… So I needed to learn quickly….

I lay down a simple, repeatable framework to leverage myself to be where I wanted to be and believe I deserve.

I can say I became a champion of self-branding; I stood still and presented myself with my broken English. Because I knew how valuable I am, I explained my value and added and negotiated what I believed I deserved…

A master of self-branding before the word “self-branding” existed or even Social Media!

I make sure people know who I am and open the doors to me. 

I get jobs that I love and put passion into them. I was not only HIREABLE but DESIRABLE… and I spoke with BROKEN English…. Wait …I became a professor, and published researcher, and ultimately a higher education executive.....

SECRET #2 - hOW TO Be hirable and desirable?

You Don’t Need To Break The Glass Ceiling…. Doors Will Be Open For You… You Just Need To Be Able To Introduce Yourself With Class.

People will open the door for you.

People will aim to work with you or even dream of having you on their team…

Or you decide which one you want on your team!

How will you do that?

That's the secret I am revealing in my book “A Makeover To Takeover." I DESIGNED 6 STEPS TO GET WHAT YOU WANT.

So this is your time; treat yourself nicely; you deserve to appreciate it, love it, and respect it. 

It is your job to show people how you want to be treated. Buy Video Book “A Makeover to Takeover," and you will learn 

how most of the CAREER BOOKS ARE WRITTEN BY ENTREPRENUERS looking to make a living on pieces of advice AND NOT REAL PEOPLE WHO have lived what you are getting through. 

LISTEN, I GET IT, they have ideas…they have observed the market… but do they live the everyday jobs…?


I started to share my knowledge with thousands of people around the world… and guess what?

I went even further, and I created a road map for you...

And a workbook! As I want you to make sure that you follow all the strategies in the book!

You’ll also discover more about what’s in the book, and you’ll see proof these strategies are working for regular people

...To build their future. Yes, they got the job. They deserve it.

An Insider’s Book “A Makeover to Takeover” 

Get the job. You deserve it! Reveals….

If you already have YOUR DREAM JOB, this book shows you how to continue to grow while getting more what you deserve!


I know what it feels like to desire the job of your dreams. Imagine getting there…only to feel frustrated with confusing advice that wastes your time, and ending up seeing "another" person get your dream job.

I know what it feels like to be afraid of not being considered for a job. Especially if you are "different." I am here to tell you that YOU deserve that promotion or job…

You have to prepare yourself and the world WILL love you!

You know what…. I have gotten what I want. Yes, I tore down those barriers…. And I will show you how you can do it too…

You may have heard that someone did not get the job because of poor connections, or because the person looks different, or because the person could not go through the interview…

As a higher education executive, I often interview people… I see who is getting the job and why….

This is the reason I have created this video-book “A makeover to takeover”- so that anyone who wants to get their dream job or the promotion are able to self-brand and prepare for it. YOU can get access to the exact strategies I used with my successful students…

and with myself…

Chances are you are talented at what you do…and you want others to know you too!

The good news is that social media has made it possible for anyone to stand out online… if you know how to cut through all the noise and competition.

There are 9 million job seekers and 158 million people looking to advance in their careers in the United States alone. Do you say competition?

For YOU to rise to the top, you've got to know, understand, and implement a few fundamental things … everyone I've seen following the simple steps outlined in this book has seen results so quickly they were almost shocked!


It Is Not Job Hunting, It Is Job Farming. Relationships Are To Be Cultivated.

If you’ve ever been told things like -

  • You need to find a strong connection
  • They already have someone in mind….
  • You are over – or—under qualified
  • ​Your personality will crash in the interviews.
  • ​You speak with a heavy accent.

Then you’ve probably felt incredibly frustrated… because all that stuff is made up. You follow the steps in my book, and you can melt those barriers… those barriers are on PEOPLE'S MINDS.

Instead of listening to worthless tactics that will lead you to an unsatisfied job I’m going to show you a simple and easy way to get the job you deserve!


Imagine how much more confident you'd feel if you knew precisely how to…

  • Be able to focus on your goals.
  • Get “overnight” credibility and validation for your skills and abilities
  • Know the employers or business leaders you need to have to stand out in YOUR industry or niche
  • ​Have the right mindset for the long term, strategic growth
  • ​Understand the formula for creating the persona your employers or clients want, so they can recognize you and want to work with you
  • ​Market yourself using the same basic principles I used with my former students who became successful
  • ​Be able to Perceive, Prepare, Present, Position, Promote yourself… and Persuade others so nobody can take over your dreams.

No matter what level of success you are at today or what you've tried in the past, these strategies can work for you.

A Makeover To Takeover AUTHOR PROFILE

Dr. Elsa-Sofia Morote

Dr. Elsa-Sofia Morote is a higher education executive and bestselling writer; she has more than 20 years of experience as a strategist. 

She thrives on helping her students systematically get the jobs they deserve and dream.  Dr. Morote’s greatest strength is transforming people's anxieties into confidence.

She is a member of the American Top Professors and alumnus of the Harvard Women Leadership in Education program. She holds two Master's Degrees, two doctoral degrees, and has completed postdoctoral work at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, 2001-2003). Dr. Morote is an international scholar with over 20 awards.

A Makeover To Takeover AUTHOR PROFILE

Dr. Elsa-Sofia Morote

Dr. Elsa-Sofia Morote is a higher education executive and bestselling writer; she has more than 20 years of experience as a strategist.

She thrives on helping her students systematically get the jobs they deserve and dream of Dr. Morote’s greatest strength is transforming people's anxieties into confidence.

She is a member of the American Top Professors and alumnus of the Harvard Women Leadership in Education program. She holds two Master's Degrees, two doctoral degrees, and has completed postdoctoral work at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, 2001-2003). 

Dr. Morote is an international scholar with over 20 awards.


[99-Page Interactive book with 19 videos included – A master course!]  
Value: $165

This book is not based on the latest social media "trend" that will stop working next month or next year. It's a tried-and-true proven path that will walk you through the best strategies to get what you want in life.

When you create credibility and validation for your skills and abilities that practically no other method will, this book shows you everything you need to know about gaining this credibility quickly.

  • 1st P. Perceive yourself- Know yourself.
    It gives you the best mindset hack to stay connected to and engaged with your new you. Prepare a strategic plan to get your goals aligned with your dreams, understand your skills, and how to fit your personality into the bigger picture.
  • 2nd P. Prepare yourself – A makeover using LinkedIn.
    This will be a lesson on how to prepare your profile and use LinkedIn effectively, search for jobs, and use social networking to prepare yourself for success. I’ll reveal the exact reason you need LinkedIn as part of your strategy, a specific way to find (and reach out) to just about anyone you want to connect with, and how to get high-profile people to respond to your messages. LinkedIn offers significant opportunities, especially from a strategic partnership perspective.
  • Bonus Chapter - Passion and Perseverance. Maintaining a good relationship with your target audience and using the "Magic of Words" to showcase your skills. 

Self Branding  with Passion and Perseverance. 


[100-Page Interactive book with 26 videos included- A master course] 
Value: $165

It takes work to take over your dreams. Image where you have to be, and then go for it. If you’re looking for a magic path to take over your destiny, this is not your book. However, if you’re looking for honest advice and time-tested strategies that can set you up for success, keep reading.

In TAKEOVER, you'll gain access to some of the world's most outstanding researchers such as Granovetter, Blank, organizations: World Bank and OECD, and masters of networking such as Rockefeller, who share real-world, honest advice that comes from having achieved success not just once, but in some cases, millions of times..

  • 3rd P. Present yourself –Build your network.
    You will learn research-proven techniques on how to develop ties, create power between networks and use social media to reach your goals.
  • 4th P. Position yourself 
    Select your assets and success stories to prepare your professional page or e-portfolio. Learn how to glow and be the star!
  • 5th P: Promote yourself using social media.
    Increase your network using social media and put the social media to work for you
  • 6th P: Persuade and take control of the reins of your professional life.
    Learn how to communicate verbally, write, and how to listen to take control of your destiny.
  • We discuss how to be prepared for in-person network events.
  • ​We explain why “the opposite of networking is not working."
  • ​A big secret revealed: it is not job hunting; it is job farming. Relationships are to be cultivated.
  • ​A big secret: Social Capital Currency is Reciprocity  Earnings
  • ​David Rockefeller secrets of networking
  • ​How to develop a strong network with a technique called ISP
  • ​How you become the center of your network and get power by filling the gaps.
  • ​Mistakes to avoid when networking
  • ​The power of communication and persuasion
  • ​How to use the GLOW technique to Glow yourself while showcasing your skills and knowledge.

Passion and Perseverance. Maintaining a good relationship with your target audience and using the "magic of words" to showcase your skills. 

Yes, “A Makeover to Takeover” is filled with easy-to-follow, step-by- step methods to establish yourself as the professional you want to be…

...But It Gets Even Better, And Here Is Why!

When you purchase your digital copy of “A MAKEOVER TO TAKEOVER Part I” that includes 19 explanatory videos



And there is more!

Bonus 1:


[To follow activities on Part I and Part II] Value: $27
In this workbook, I'll present 16 activities that will focus on getting your goals, eight from “A MAKEOVER TO TAKEOVER PART I” AND 8 FROM “A MAKEOVER TO TAKEOVER PART II”: easy instructions to follow, and a fillable document to keep; yours to repeat every three years. Remember you must repeat this every three year to set a new goals.

Bonus 2:


[To follow activities on Part I and Part II] Value: $13
This summarizes the 6P's and provides a clear road map of the six steps you have to follow to get what you want in life.

Let's Recap Everything You Get With This Amazing Offer...

Let's Recap Everything You Get With This Amazing Offer...

  • Book 1 – Part I: Social Media Self Branding –
     includes 19 videos
  • ​Book 2- Part II: Take Over Your Professional Happiness – includes 26 videos
  • ​BONUS #1- A Workbook with 16 activities
  • ​BONUS #2- A Roadmap
  • Value: $165

  • Value: $165

  • ​Value: $27
  • ​Value: $13
  • ​Book 1 – Part I: Social Media Self Branding – includes 19 videos - Value: $165
  • ​​Book 2- Part II: Take Over Your Professional Happiness includes 26 videos - Value: $165
  • ​BONUS #1- A Workbook with 16 activities - ​Value: $27
  • ​BONUS #2- A Roadmap - ​Value: $13

Received thousands of letters saying "thank you."

As a researcher, I need proof, so I pretested, and post-tested 300 of my followers. Six months after applying the techniques, they reported they changed their lives, and they on average, incremented their annual income.

They branded themselves, got promotions, found other jobs, or decided to be part-time entrepreneurs.

When you leverage yourself, you show the world that you are ready for the next step in your career or business.

I recently moved my book to a digital format and included 40 videos. You can either read the book or watch the videos; the videos are close captioned (English/Spanish). 

Every time I will recommend Dr. Morote for an instructor, as a matter of fact, the professor of the year. There is no way I can count how much I've grown and how I learned …This professor has the holy spirit in her, and she possesses the gift of discernment. Motivation through other media types, did you know questions and spiritual poems, has been unbelievably on time when I needed an uplift to fight on. I have only reverence for this professor. She’s the best! If you want to learn…, then you have the right professor. Thanks

-Carrie Young

Dr. Morote is a visionary who is committed to paving the way for all students. Your contribution to education is priceless. Simply, you are beautiful, brilliant, and the best. Thank you for representing women of all shades…This was an awesome course! I leave with a clear understanding of [what do do to reach my goals]. The professor showed a sincere interest in developing their students.Dr. Morote. You are a fantastic person and professor. I not only learned a lot from your classes, but I enjoyed them as well. 

-Riva Robinson 

There is always one teacher or a professor in my school or college that I follow as a role model. I am impressed by her knowledge, personality, achievements, and her passion for her students. I remember my first days when I went to see Dr. Morote. I told her, "Dr. Morote, it is tough to understand, speak, and write English." She said, "you will be alright after a year or two." I must say, Dr. Morote, I am confident now and have not had much trouble speaking or writing in English. She is a great human being.!!!!

-Bradley Herman

She is more than just a professor, but a diamond in the rough because she gives so much information and examples of how the student can comprehend the assignments and her teaching methods. She floods the students with information to make/help them succeed in her class. It was a gratifying experience that I entered blindly, and now I see how it works for my study. I hope I have the opportunity to be under her instruction again.

-Carrie Young

When I first started working with Dr. Morote, I was stunned that she spoke so fast, and in addition, she said (spoke) with a heavy accent. I got to know her, I saw what a loving genius she is. Her dedication to her students is simply remarkable. Her exemplary skills and teaching ability is only rivaled by her heart. Call it destiny, fate, or the stars, but we were brought together as teachers and students. I am blessed and honored to work with you.

-Riva Robinson 

Simply put, no one appreciates the data more than Dr. Morote…. years ago, she was able to transform [several of] us from insignificant to .001. Her brilliance and internal drive to make us better than served to inspire us to perform at the highest level. I can honestly say that Dr. Morote stands out as a 5-tool pro. She has integrity, creativity, and tolerance. Tolerance is my favorite as she withstood my  outbursts.

-Bradley Herman

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